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Resume Help and Reference Letters for Employment Success

Our experienced professionals at Tools 4 Employment of Waterbury, Connecticut, provide resume help and assistance with reference letters to aid in your career search. With our document preparation services, we facilitate your success in landing the job you want.

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Our Employment Book

Our e-book includes a collection of files, samples, and documents beneficial for people seeking employment. Our e-book includes:

• Sample Resumes
• Job Descriptions
• Cover Letters

• Letters of Resignation
• Education Descriptions

The Benefits

You can prepare yourself or assist others in gaining better employment. Whether you are revising your old resume or are starting without one, our fillable documents and samples make it easy to create a professional, personalized resume and cover letter for you or someone else.

Business Opportunities

Our e-book makes it easy for you to create your own resume preparation business. Employment documentation preparation is easy with our files and samples. It is a simple way to make some extra money.


We have made our employment assistance affordable and easy to use. Our downloadable e-book costs $4.99.